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Privacy Policy

This policy describes how www.indiaelectron.com protects your privacy.

Our commitment to your privacy
We respect your right to privacy and your right to view and update your personal information which we hold about you. We are committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our site or contact us in any way.

Free services

You may visit the freely accessible/non-fee based parts of our site without identifying yourself in any way.

Your personal information

Some indiaelectron.com services can only be accessed by becoming indiaelectron.com member. These are called "Fee-Based/Subscribed Services". For accessing any of our Fee-Based/ Subscribed Services, you will need to provide us with certain personal information, including:

  • your name;
  • your email address
  • your company address;
  • your contact telephone number(s)

(collectively, "your personal information").

Collecting your personal information

We collect and use personal information about you to:

  • Supply what you want or give you the access you need: for example, if you want to become a member of indiaelectron.com, or purchase any other product from us; receive one of our email newsletters; or contact us;
  • To administer your membership efficiently;
  • Conduct market research surveys;
  • Tell you about our new products and services;
  • Protect the rights or property of indiaelectron.com, or any indiaelectron.com user.

Changing your personal information
You have the right to view and change any personal information you have submitted to us, at any time.Indiaelectron.com membership and account holders can do this on the Site by entering their email and password and going to member login page. (Click the link at the top of the page.). Alternatively, you may contact Customer Services at support@indiaelectron.com .

Your account details

When you become an indiaelectron.com member, or purchase a product from us online, you set up a Member account as part of the signup process. Your account details, including your personal information, are stored securely in our membership management system.You can review your personal information and update it as necessary. Your personal information can only be accessed by entering your email address and password.

Comments & community contributions

As a member, you may submit your comments on the discussion threads. When you submit a comment, your name will be displayed with your comment. Alternatively, you can choose a "screen name" for display instead of your name. You can create your screen name on your community profile page. We don't publicly display any other personal information on our discussion boards and community areas. We strongly advise that you do not post your email address, home address, phone number or reveal other personal details as part of your community contributions. The messages you post in our community areas may be used by us as part of our research and publication; we reserve the right to copy or quote them here or in other media, and you hereby consent to the same.

No disclosure

We will not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third party unless:

  • We need to do so to provide you with the content, service or features you have requested;
  • We need to do so to protect the rights or property of indiaelectron.com,  or any India Electron Exchange Pvt Ltd. (IEE) user;
  • We are required to do so by law.

Collecting site usage information
We monitor site usage by analyzing aggregated user information. This helps us improve the site to give you the information, services and features you want. This information is aggregated and does not identify you individually.We do monitor the number of successful logins on each Member account. This allows us to identify potential abuse or unauthorized use of the Site.


Indiaelectron.com uses "cookies" to improve your use of indiaelectron.com services. We use temporary (per-session) cookies, for the following purposes:

  • To "remember" that a indiaelectron.com member has logged in. This means that you don't have to enter your email and password more than once a visit.
  • To help us keep track of items you have added to your shopping basket for purchase, so we can process your order.
  • To personalize some parts of your site visit.

Please note: Our temporary cookies must be accepted in order to login and gain access to the Fee-Based Services on the Site, or to purchase a membership or product from us. If your browser is set to notify you when you receive a cookie, you will be prompted to accept the cookie (Yes/No). Please select "Yes". Our temporary cookies will disappear when you logout of indiaelectron.com. We use permanent (persistent) cookies for our automatic login feature. When enabled on a computer, this feature means that members don't have to manually login each time they visit indiaelectron.com from that computer. Your browser must be set to accept permanent cookies for this feature to work.You can choose not to enable this feature. If you do choose to use the automatic login, this feature can be turned off at any time by logging out.


You should not use the automatic login feature unless you are the only person who has access to the computer. Never enable this feature on a public access or shared computer - this could allow other people to access the site under your login and access your indiaelectron.com account details.We also use cookies with some of our polls and surveys, to help manage user responses, for some aspects of the site search function, and for tracking conversions from some of our online advertising and promotions.

Contacting you

If you are an online Member, we may contact you to:

  • Clarify details about your membership or purchase decisions;
  • Advise you of changes to our services or new products or promotions;
  • Respond to any enquiries you make; or
  • Provide any information necessary for the operation and security of our Site.

Email newsletters
All indiaelectron.com members may receive our iGRID newsletter. All Site users can 'opt-in' to receive this and our other email newsletters. You may choose to remove yourself from any email newsletter group, by following the "unsubscribe" prompt at the bottom of each email.

Links to other websites

indiaelectron.com provides links to third party websites when we consider you may be interested in the subject matter of the content on those sites. We do not necessarily endorse those sites or their content and we have no control over the conduct of the companies or organizations operating those sites; we take no responsibility for the content on any third party site or the conduct of the company(s) that control it.Before you disclose any personal information to another site, we advise you to check its terms and conditions, including its privacy and security policies and satisfy yourself of its credentials.

Privacy complaints

indiaelectron.com is committed to dealing quickly and appropriately with any complaint you make about your privacy in relation to our site.

If you are concerned that this Privacy Policy may have been breached or your privacy has been violated, please email us immediately at info@indiaelectron.com . Please include your email address or a daytime telephone number where we can contact you.

Right to Information

If you have questions concerning our privacy protection policy or how your personal data is processed, please feel free to contact our Privacy Protection representative at info@indiaelectron.com.  Upon request, you will be informed - in writing and as may be required under applicable legislation - which of your personal data, if any, was collected during your visits to the IEE websites.