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Refund Policy

Please go through following FAQ’s:

1. How is IEE charging its customers? Is there any time period involved?

  • We charge our customers with one time upfront payment for the chosen subscription period for the subscription services
  • Our subscription periods are for 6 months & 12 Months and the subscription periods may be extended, at the option of the customer
  • We charge our customers based on the subscription package chosen by them and the subscription period for which the services are requested for
  • Offline payments are also possible but the customer would need to intimate us of the details regarding the subscription package required, subscription period and the number of users envisaged for the services

2. Does IEE have any time period within which customer can ask for Refund?

  • No refunds shall be made once the subscription procedure is completed. Upon completion of the subscription procedure, the subscribed services shall be available for the subscription period.
  • The case of refund may only arise in case of force majeure scenario where we are not in a position to provide the subscribed services any further. In that case the customer would be entitled to a maximum refund of 30% of the total subscription amount on a pro rata basis.
  • Money shall be automatically refunded in case double payments are made for the same services.

3. How will customer perform renewal?

  • New subscribers have the choice of opting for reminders and alerts related to subscription expiry and renewal timelines. Regular/long-term subscribers may be offered discount coupons .
  • We would start sending renewal & upgrade alerts 2-3 months in advance (the frequency may be low initially and may go up with the approach of the expiry date. We expect renewals also to take almost a month’s time). This is a manual process currently.

4. Does IEE allow partial refunds, for cases where service is no more desired?

  • No, we don’t allow partial refunds. No refunds will be made once the subscription process is complete.

5. How to confirm the return? Is there any return slip?

  • Money will be refunded only in case of multiple charging for the same subscription. In such case the excess credit received will be cancelled and the same will be refunded automatically to the Credit/Debit card account. If the same does not happen automatically within 15 days, the user may get back to us over phone or e-mail and we shall ensure that the same is done within the next 15 days. We will send an e-mail confirming the return.

6. Damage Check process for Dongle & CD?

  • The dongles will remain a property of IEE and the customer will need to return the same post expiry/termination of the subscription period. In case of damage the customer shall be liable to pay to IEE the amount required for the replacement of the dongle.

7. Are we using auto-payment? (Auto-renewal of subscriptions or services)

  • No, we don’t view or store your online payment details and all online payments are done using a highly secured and encrypted transaction mechanism adopted by the payment gateway provider. Thus we don’t charge our customers without their express consent.

For further queries about our refund policy of India Electron Exchange Ltd. Mail us at info@indiaelectron.com .